Does Costco Sell Guns?

If you’re a member of the Costco Wholesale Corporation, you may have asked this question before: Does Costco sell guns? The question is not uncommon, particularly among individuals who are interested in firearms and frequent the famous warehouse club. This blog post aims to provide an in-depth look at Costco’s policy on guns, from whether they sell firearms to the rules for carrying them in-store.

About Costco

Costco is a multinational corporation that operates a chain of membership-only warehouse clubs. Since its inception in 1976, it has grown into one of the largest retailers worldwide.

Costco is known for its diverse product offerings, which include groceries, appliances, electronics, clothing, and even services like travel packages. However, when it comes to firearms, the story is quite different.

Does Costco Sell Guns?

No, Costco does not sell guns. They have a policy against customers bringing firearms into their stores, with exceptions only for authorized law enforcement. This policy is to ensure a safe and comfortable shopping experience for everyone.

While they don’t sell guns themselves, Costco does sometimes sell gun safes among their more comprehensive selection of home security products.

Does Costco Sell Guns
Does Costco Sell Guns

Why Doesn’t Costco Sell Guns?

Costco’s decision not to sell guns is a part of its broader business model and ethical considerations. The company has a policy of not selling items that are deemed controversial or could potentially harm its brand reputation.

Firearms fall into this category. Additionally, Costco’s business model revolves around selling products in bulk, and the sale of weapons only fits into this model. Furthermore, Costco has consistently maintained a neutral stance on political issues, including gun control, which contributes to its decision not to sell firearms.

What is Costco’s Policy Regarding Selling Guns?

Costco’s policy regarding the sale of guns is clear. The company does not sell firearms, ammunition, or other gun-related products. This policy extends to all their stores globally. Costco has always prioritized the safety and satisfaction of its customers, and this policy is an extension of that commitment.

The company also believes in promoting a safe and comfortable shopping environment for all its members, which means avoiding the sale of potentially controversial products.

Are Costco Members Allowed to Carry Firearms at the Store?

The short answer is no. Costco has a strict policy that prohibits members from bringing firearms into any of its warehouse locations. This regulation is prominently displayed in the company’s membership agreement and is enforced across all its locations, regardless of local gun laws.

Costco’s primary concern is the safety and comfort of all its members and employees, which is why it has this blanket policy in place.

What Are the Regulations for Bringing Guns into Costco?

As per Costco’s policy, members and guests are not allowed to bring guns into Costco warehouses. This rule applies even if the individual has a concealed carry permit or if local laws permit carrying firearms in public spaces.

Costco’s regulations supersede local laws, meaning that even if your state allows for open carry, you cannot bring your firearm into a Costco warehouse. The company reserves the right to revoke the membership of any individual who violates this policy.

Does Costco Allow Any Exceptions for Carrying Firearms?

Costco’s gun policy does not provide any exceptions for carrying firearms in their warehouses. The only individuals allowed to carry firearms within a Costco location are law enforcement officers in the line of duty.

This policy extends to all Costco locations, regardless of local or state gun laws. Costco takes the stance that the presence of firearms, even those legally carried, can cause discomfort among its members and potentially lead to dangerous situations.


In conclusion, if you’re wondering, “Does Costco sell guns?” the answer is a definitive no. Costco’s policy against selling firearms is a deliberate choice reflecting its business model, ethical considerations, and commitment to customer safety. While you can find a wide range of products at Costco, firearms will not be part of your shopping list. 

This policy is enforced in all Costco warehouses, with no exceptions apart from on-duty law enforcement officers. It’s a comprehensive policy that prioritizes the safety and comfort of all its members. While this stance may not sit well with some, Costco believes it’s a necessary measure to ensure a safe and enjoyable shopping experience for all its members.


Does Costco Sell Firearms?

Costco Wholesale does not sell firearms or gun safes in its warehouse stores. It has strict policies that prohibit the sale of firearms.

Can I Bring My Gun to Costco?

Generally, no. Costco prohibits weapons on their premises, with exceptions only for authorized law enforcement.

Does Costco Sell any Gun-Related Items?

While they don’t sell guns themselves, Costco sometimes carries gun safes among their home security products.

Are Concealed-Carry Gun Owners Allowed at Costco?

Concealed means concealed at Costco. Therefore, carrying firearms is not permitted.

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