Noblewood Group: Cultivating Montenegro’s Beverage Legacy

In April 2024, Noblewood Group has celebrated its first anniversary of operations in Montenegro. The company has a production and bottling facility here with a maximum annual capacity of 20 million bottles. The country benefits from this business as it invests considerable funds in facilities, environmental protection and promoting the Montenegrin brand on a global scale. The Group’s CEO, Oleg Medoev, explains why the state proved to be such a good headquarters for the company.

Key to the Drinks’ Success

Noblewood’s Investments

Noblewood’s drinks are manufactured in Montenegro and exported worldwide. The company’s distillery in Latvia produces high-quality grain neutral spirit at 96.3% purity, distilled from the finest Nordic grain supplied by certified farms across the Baltics. 

The products produced by the company are free from harmful ingredients and stand out due to their unique scent, flavor, and eye-catching bottle design. They come in several varieties, which differ in their taste characteristics, composition, and production methods. 

In the manufacturing industry, Noblewood Group is renowned for its dedication to professionalism. The company provides comprehensive training for new hires and maintains a safe and supportive work environment in its factory. Ambitious employees are encouraged to participate in educational programs in order to advance within the organization.

Montenegro differentiates itself from other countries due to its official status as an ecological state. Environmental protection is its primary concern. Oleg Medoev claims that the Group entirely agrees with this point of view. It operates according to the norms of the HAASP certification that it holds. Demanding experts regularly audit the organization to assess its standards, procedures and practices. One of the highest-priority goals is to optimize the consumption of water and energy. The research and development team strives to detect new environmentally friendly solutions and approaches and enhance the existing ones.


It cost Noblewood nearly €11 million to acquire its current Montenegrin properties. Paying out salaries, taxes and other expenses of the same kind already required €5 million — and this year, the number is projected to reach €7 million.

The renovation and reconstruction of the purchased facilities cost €2.4 million. The total remuneration for the companies that supplied materials for packaging the drinks and other similar goods necessary for production and bottling was €3.3 million. Other services involved spending €150,000. When ordering all of these, the Group resorted to the assistance of only local businesses.

Noblewood Group also contributes a lot to the needs of the cities where its facilities are located. In December, the company participated in the Regent Fundraising Ball in Tivat and donated €4,000 to help acquire mammography equipment for a local medical center. Moreover, the Group extended aid to the Municipality by donating €8,000 for the procurement of festive decorative lighting for the town. These initiatives mark the beginning of Noblewood Group’s engagement with local communities, as it strives to support beneficial, sustainable, and environmentally friendly projects.

Large-Scale Marketing Campaigns

The Montenegrin factory recently welcomed a group of journalists who got a chance to ask questions to the business’s representatives and get familiar with production processes. One of the company’s goals is to remain transparent and open to the general public. Similar events will be held in the future as well.

Apart from its own marketing, the Group puts efforts into promoting Montenegro. Every time you look at any bottle by Noblewood, you will see where it comes from. Frequent travelers might have come across stylish banners, placed in European airports and on boulevards. They draw the public attention to Noblewood’s bestselling hit Beluga and its place of origin. Besides, ads go live in leading industry magazines.

Expansion and Scaling

Oleg Medoev revealed the Group’s plans for the near future, which include expanding its workforce and replenishing its portfolio.

The product range will be diversified, with substantial funds allocated for market campaigns promoting new drinks. These beverages are expected to reach more locations as they are exported and sold in new markets.

Noblewood Group will continue to accumulate knowledge and expertise, strengthening its position in the international market. As a result, Montenegro has the potential to become a global hub for the luxurious beverage industry.

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